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Grace Kelly Mária Sirrah

Grace Kelly Mária Sirrah


father ICH.Yanilo vom Schwabenhof

mother Golden Leaf´s Windsong

breeder Mária Krošláková

owner Mária Krošláková

born 22. 6. 2013

weight 2,8 kg

color tricolor


ICH.Yanilo vom SchwabenhofICH.Gatchaman of Royal BlancheCH.Shin Son JP´s Justice
CH.Fire Opal of Princess Fantasy JP
ICH.Romina vom SchwabenhofICH.Zkarabi´s Headline
Kamée vom Schwabenhof
Golden Leaf´s WindsongGolden Leaf´s BoytoySontinis Romeo
Golden Leaf´s Vienna
Golden Leaf´s PixieCH.Golden Leaf´s Guinness
CH.Golden Leaf´s Toffee


date place exhibition class result judge


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